A girl named Danielle

I'm a lover of passion, beauty & style first. A photographer second. I'm a loner who loves to be with friends. I'm a homebody whose travel bug is alive and well. I'm usually the voice of reason in out of hand arguments and I've definitely been known to rock the boat and stand up for what I believe in.

I was a daydreamer as a kid and always obsessed with fashion & beauty. I sketched my own fashion line, wrote & performed songs with my best friend, created plays, re-enacted my favorite TV shows with my school friends, sewed my own clothes, started numerous (and terrible) novels and nearly every friend visiting my house got made up by me and photographed. All before 10th grade. In fact, in pre-school I fought for both the best gowns in the dress-up house AND the drivers seat in the gutted 'General Lee' replica. I'll always be multi-passionate. But photography allows me to blend so many of my loves together AND capture the end result.