Q: Do you only shoot Boudoir?
A: No! Actually, not even my Boudoir work is traditional with lingerie or on a bed (though that's in there sometimes). My Signature Shoot is a hybrid of fashion, beauty & boudoir. Everything I shoot has a story and a mood and some sexiness to it but I also love to shoot Couples, Bridals & Day-After Sessions. Ok, every now and then I LOVE to photograph High-School Seniors (only THE most awesome parents hire me and let me do my thing) and those are always G-rated.

Q: Do you only work with models?
A: My clients are women who generally have NO experience in front of the camera! You can feel totally confident that I will direct you 100%. I believe saying “look sexy” is NOT proper direction. I'll show you and teach you everything I want you to do and we'll have a blast!

Q: What do I bring?
A: As soon as you book, I'll send you an exhaustive list on how to prepare and what are good wardrobe items to bring/have. I do ALL the wardrobe styling (and art direction for hair/makeup) so I also shop for every shoot. Options are a stylists best friend and we want as many as possible!

Q: Where do you shoot?
A: I typically start at my clients home, their friends home, a rented home etc. for hair & makeup and sometimes an indoor look or two. Then we venture out to find new and/or known incredible locations.

Q: How and when do I get my pictures?
A: Your proofs will be ready about 4 weeks after your shoot and can be viewed in a private online gallery that also acts as a shopping cart. Your gallery will be active for 2 weeks. You can choose to order prints, your full set of high-res digital proof images, a gorgeous Folio Box or a stunning, high-end Album from the cart.

Q: What does the Shoot come with? A CD? Prints?
A: Click HERE for an easy price list of the shoot & products.

Q: Can I print and/or share images from the CD if I get it?
A: You can absolutely print from your CD but most clients still order prints from me since they are fully retouched and the print quality is on par with the entire shoot experience. Feel free to share all retouched images on social media but please do not share any un-retouched images since that is not a representation of a finished product.

Q: How do I book a shoot?
A: Just send me an email using the Contact page. We'll talk about our location choice for starting out, then we'll choose a date and I'll take the 50% retainer and a signed contract.

Q: Do you only do a full-day shoot?
A: Yep. The Signature Shoot is only as awesome as it is because I have a whole day to play and be creative.