A Day With Danielle Fletcher

The Signature Shoot is a free-form, creative day that's full of fun, empowerment and loads of support and direction from me. I am not just the photographer but also the art director. That means that I conceptualize the shoot, scout locations, style wardrobe and give direction to the hair/makeup artist. The end result is a piece of my imagination with my client as my muse.

There are usually about 3 distinct looks done during The Signature Shoot. Each look consists of a hair/makeup look together with a wardrobe style and a location choice. My focus for each look is on fashion, emotion & a story. It's all about getting real, getting sexy and capturing femininity in all it's exquisite facets. Some looks may be sweet, some may be raw & edgy and some may be more high fashion. The reason my shoot is a full day shoot is really because I could never choose just one style. I want to burn my creative juices and leave my client with a variety of looks that each tell a unique story and create a mood that stirs emotions in the viewer.

The Signature Shoot is a unique, give-and-take experience. I want every client to have an incredible day that leaves her feeling beautiful, sexy and just totally outrageous about herself. Sharing the images and the feeling of sisterhood and empowerment is what keeps me going creatively. I'm so fortunate to have found my passion and also to have such fabulous women to share in it with me. Read more about my Mission of Empowerment below...

The Mission:

I intend to show society through my work, that sexy & successful are NOT mutually exclusive & that we, as women, can & should be whole, feminine beings in every area of our lives. I don't support a system where women have to deny their innate femininity (which we women long to express in EVERY area of our lives) to be considered moral, hard-working, powerful, intelligent contenders; wether in the workplace, in their marriages or in any other social situations.

I am passionate about working with clients who are totally on board with my mission of women's empowerment & happily sign a model release (for which they'll receive the gift of a discounted shoot rate), however, a full model release is not required to work with me. Why? Because this is still the society we're in, & I haven't changed it (yet), & I believe that my work still serves to forward my message wether I am able to share it & inspire others with my images or not. It is still impactful to the incredible women that I meet & photograph... my mission grows & spreads through them.

Fighting for wholeness of the feminine isn't why I'm a photographer but it is an important cause for women. I hope you'll join me!